Jan 24, 2012

serabut y`al.

hi there, ok, this is just a piece of mind therapy.maybe
i was kinda in the little life crisis that bang my heart and made me spinning like a twirl. its not easy to say out loud or to whisper in mute, but, i`m gonna bumped it out. susah kan?

like always, i had this kinda crisis. i wont tell. just to keep it confidential, but, i have no guidance and power that tell me to stand with it and be strong.
sometimes, life gets hard. and when it comes to the hardest part, then we turn into Him and seek his pathway and solution.
But, what if..


what if you believe that this is the end, or the start or the intersection for another path..

you know, its kinda hard to write it in a sentence when the instinct that we had never can be transfer in a good way. I`m off the road and so mess up now.

Its messy and serabut you know.

i found this quotes in the Pinterest.
yeah, its true. but, the way he`ll bring us to it, will be another challenge that must be face with power and perseverance.
I wish i am strong enough to get through it and choose my own pathway. with the correct ones. Sigh.

yes, things will get better tomorrow, or day after tomorrow. but, it always do.
Pray for the best of me.
Bye bloggers.

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