Oct 9, 2012

Working. Double the pressure.

Who find working is an interesting moments of his/her life?

Who agree with that above statement?

And who are totally disagree??

I bet you, most of people will say no.

But, some may tick Yes.

Yup, i know. It depends on what kind of field we involved in, what kind of people that we dealt with and what is the amount of salary.

I still remember an advice from a person that I quite admire.
He said " Dont love your company because u do not know when they will stop liking you. But, do love your job because you will find satisfaction when u really into it".

What a wonderful advice.

But, what if we love the job but the it seems killing us silently?
Really twisted.

Me, myself. Being among of the best students does not guarantee me anything.
Plus, I went through a lots of hardness and wasted piles of tears. Such a waste.

Other people perceptions about working-people are sooo untrue.
They thought that we are a very lucky person in the world. We could buy things, rent a house, buy a car, buy expensive cloths and gadgets.

But, did they know the truth of being in a working life??
Working world is soo harsh, mean and sick.
Its double the pressure that you could endure.
I really do not know whether I love my job or not.

Why can we work as happy as we pray and we eat?
I wake up everyday with a bright smile on my face. I am hoping that today wasn`t bad as yesterday.
So Bad, it turned out with a nightmare at night.

But, I wont give up.
Best experiences come with a very harsh way and styles.
And, this is the real style.

Reality Oh Reality!
I wish I could be just like snow white whom only waiting for her prince charming to come and kiss, and they were happily ever after!

I salute my mom & dad and whoever people that effectively managed their life so harmony. I cant imagine myself doing housework at night after working.
But, my mom did it. And she never complain.
Oh, you are so amazing mother!

After all, life must go on. This is not the stop for our journey. It is just a hurdle that may twist some of our path. Whether it may turn around straight, or may moves in reverse direction.
Only He knows.

Pray a lot guys. May He ease the pathway.

Ok, Bye. take care.

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