Aug 10, 2011

What a day, FOOD POISONING again!

Salam and Hi everybody. I`m glad i`d be in the pink of health once more. In this fasting month, lots of challenges come and go. One of them is, food poisoning. It did happened to me. One of the causes was due to the Bazaar Ramadhan`s food.

But, i am majorly blaming the food in the bazzaar. I did blaming myself for not carefully choose the good food indeed. so, I met the consequences. How terrible it was when u were in those sick condition lying with pain. I swear, these was the worst after all.

BUt, everything written had its meaning.

even though i took me more than couple of days to recover, but, i`d survived.

What I can tell you is, Just beware of what you eat. Eat healthily and choose the best among the best for your tummy and body. Sayonara.

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