Aug 12, 2011

Oh, I just love the nursery rhymes!

Did U often sang lullaby rhymes? kids songs? nursery rhymes? if the answer was negative, i bet, better u start it now. it was so much fun and relaxing. Believe it or not, believe it!

I used to sing this kinda of songs lately. the utmost reason: because I was bored and at tense. But, after a while singing, i feel ease and stress released. even, I`m enjoyed.

So, lets enjoy the songs.

and, I love this song most.

Does it fun singing songs like this? U dont have to think critically and just go with the rhythms and bang your head up and down with the tunes. I love it. and just can`t stop sing it everyday. Its good for our soul and mind therapy.Can`t wait.

C`me,Lets bring it on guys!Byee!

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