Jul 23, 2011

Sweet Chat.

Assalamualaikum and i am blogging after so many days absence due to the chaotic n bustle life that ran my empty holiday. I went to so many places these past few days. And i stepped into food doors too while having lots of kicked taste-bud dishes. For these time, I would love to introduce another sweet-cutie restaurant that be my sitting port for my lovely evening. The place was quite mini and simple, but i praise for the coziness that created here.


Here are some snaps taken on the meals that we hungrily had for tea-time. Enjoy the screwed temptations that we had.

starter: Hot homemade scones with butter and blueberry jam with Tuna Brushetta toast seared with Brazillian coffee. Nyum! the scones was just a nice combination with the fillings.

Kinda weird to smashed some salad in the evening. But, he loved it. No words can really explained it anyway. This awesome diet-dish is what we called it GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD. The salad was served with spicy mama`s Asian style dressing. But, i don`t think that this chicken is grilled coz the meats were less tender than it supposed to be when it grill.

This is my favorite and recommended dish. PIZZA CHICKEN MUSHROOM. As simple as its name, this dish was full with rich cheese topping and shittake, button mushroom, sausages, green pepper and baby tomato cherry sprinkled on the top of the pizza. The pizza crust itself crisply made to balance the richness texture of the cheese. The rich texture do blew my soul away.

Sweet Chat. Have many branches but I do prefer the romantic passage of The Mines with the view of man made river.Do have a break, stop by and enjoy ur session there. It would be enjoyable. Till then, Take care.

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