Jul 1, 2011

Kid`s Expression.

Hello there. Do you love kids? I love them.
Innocent, brilliant, jovial, and genuine.
They are just born that way.

I love to share some of these faces that had successfully made my day. They talk too much. They cry a lot. They begged for candies. And they were milk-crushed lover.
But, apart of it, they just so adorable and simply lovely that way.
I captured these pictures when I was worked as part- timer nanny at the Al- Wadi`s Kindergarten.

She is just divine. Am I right? I waited for her to smile like this everyday.

As naughty as his face, Muhammad was just a little boy with high intense of curiosity.

Best-friend a.k.a fight-buddies.

Can you see the bonding between these kids?How awesome.

There she is. This little angel so crave for food all the time.24/7.

"Yeahh, I am the beauty- queen. Look at me."

"Hi, I am the flower in this house."

"Look, I poops up. Can U help me.c`me. I need help."

"Hello, Is anybody here?" Isn`t he is the king of cute?
I vote for him.

Love kids as U love yourself.

If I can choose for my future occupation, I am choosing to be a kindergarten teacher because I will be the one who paint them into a colorful life. We made pahala indeed.
Nothing else to said, just espressing feeling here.


  1. nanny? wow. impressive. improving skill before kawin eh? haha. good choice aku rasa.

  2. thanks for the comment. kne la develop and asah sikit2 skill before saying ` I do`.
    BTW, seronok. Hang kene try jugak la aku rasa.

  3. sorry it took me a very long time to comment here haha!! btw those kids are kawaiiii!!! nk sorg hehe

  4. they are gorgeous and outrageous. tp xbolehla nk bagi, coz they are not mine. sorry.