Jun 28, 2011

Pashmina Fever.

Hey Guys. I`m back. if we heard yesterday about Justin Bieber Fever, and now u are going into Pashmina Fever. Lots of girls out there try hard to be in the same level as other Fashionista, but they failed. why? because they are becoming the fashion disaster. I am not blaming them, thus i am trying to provide them with some guidances, even though i am not too good about it. if you want to know more tips about the pashmina world, u can refer to this link: Maria Elena knows better. =)

Or, Maybe this girl, Hana Tajima.

i knew i am not the fashion designer or fashion police, but I want everyone to look beautiful. So, i think, it may help.

To those who still feel lacking while wearing your Pashmina, remember that u are just doing good. no need extra accessories that will make you look 10 years older. Just be confident. That`s all U need as a pretty woman.
Every woman has their own inner beauty

Don`t try to put everything that U have all out while u are dressing. wear moderately. simply choose moderate dress or shirt color if U are matching with vibrant Pashmina. Add up with one piece of accessories such as belt, bangles, long necklace or cute brooch. Please do not over expose your accessories.

Another thing that U must learn is the beauty that every women has. It is good to put on make-up in order to uplift your image, but, make yourself comfort as well.
You are beauty when you are feeling just well and comfort.

Too heavy make up will only turned up into disaster and discomfort to your face.
Be creative. Enjoy playing with your Pashmina and try some new looks and trend.
You will surely love the way you are after it.
To be beautiful, it is priceless.

Take Care then, and Enjoy being good.

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