Jun 17, 2011


Hi everybody,
As one of the responsible Malaysian citizen and food lover, I am well concern about one issue happened in Malaysia. It wasn`t new, but getting worst day by day. it is about HALAL issue.
Thinking of Malaysia as one Islamic country which protecting the purity of Islam in every aspect, why HALAL issue still be a fear for Muslim consumers?
I want to share some of the cases that still be unsolved to those who still did not realized about it. lets browse to the Secret Recipe issue.
Rumors spread throughout Malaysia saying that Secret recipe had contained ingredients derived from Pig DNA. Is it true?
I myself also shock because of this rumors. But, don't simply judge and banned it. Prepare yourself with knowledge and find the solution.
JAKIM stated that it wasn`t Secret Recipe, however the things came from Puratos company which supply whole egg powder and whole milk powder for pastry making.
To whom who still did not know about this, Puratos is one of the major supplier of pastry products to whole bakery factories in Malaysia including Tesco.

Another issue is from the sauce that imported from U.S based, Tabasco pepper sauce.

I knew this sauce had penetrate Malaysian market for quite a long time. Surprisingly, in 16 June 2011, JAKIM had verified that TABASCO sauce was HARAM.
This is due to the PIG DNA that found in the ingredient of TABASCO sauce-making.
Another issue of Pig DNA in food. What a world. MALAYSIA!

The issue wasn`t linger here only. lets take a look about supplement and vitamins that we took.
Beware of that guys.

There were bunches of products being banned after found out of PIG DNA in it. Q.B.B ghee, Churn Butter,Kopi Kluang, and so many more.

Whats happened in here?
Malaysia does not reflect as an Islamic Country at all.
I am curious about some other food that were selling out there everyday. Are we sure they are safe and HALAL to be eaten? The way this issues arrived seems like Malaysia wasn`t an Islamic country. What about other people who can`t browse to internet and failed to reach to this news, are they gonna be left aside?
Malaysia must well spread about every single news about the HALAL HARAM products since we are living in this Islamic country.

Please guys, if you are reading this article, do tell everybody about this info. we should care about Muslin`s purity and protect it as much as we could.

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