May 14, 2011


its been a time that i had left this beautiful page. but, i`m back. No worry.
and i`m back with new fresh delicious, incredible, and mouth- watering menus that i craved while having one-trip vacation past few days back.
here come the meals. check out ya!
mushroom brushetta.

braised Lamb shank
both of the dishes were served at San Fransisco Pizza, The Mines. quite a good meals for lunch. Love the button mushrooms on the Brushetta. it is a must to try both meals.

raspberry moulleoux.recommended dessert. You can find it at Genting Highland.

chicken grilled tuna sandwish

nasik mamak RM15. simply tasty mamak style dish at Kayu Nasi Kandar,Penang.

thai green curry at siam express.
for anyone who want to try the real taste of Siamese cuisine, this is it. the curry wont let you out of the chair until u r done. the best dish ever. only at Siam Express, Quennsbay Mall,Penang.

Love your food, then screw your diet. Thus, the journey of food wont stop here. will be continue then.Bye.

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