May 19, 2011


Hi there, I`m back.
but now, i bring along a big issue here.
i am changing my size into another size bigger. and i`m in a diet mode.

how i can keep in track with my ideal size while forgetting about these extreme diet?

i had him to try it first.hope he`ll succeed.Good luck.
but, do you think it works? frankly, i doubt too.
to be a pure Malaysian which cant forget about those delicious high cholesterol food seems so hard.
so, lets try another alternatives.
how about diet Food? hahha. like Herbalife or all the diet drinks that well spread advertised? huish, it cost a lot quite much. such a waste of money indeed.

basically, i have no ideas on those options. both have its own advantages to the health.
the main point here is the way i have to choose in getting the size back on track.
by hook or by crook, this double chin, spare tyres and back fat must be invisible in these 3 months period time.
i was thinking of attending dance class or pops up into gym. Oh God, i am so lazy to do all that. what else can be done for me to lose weight at home?

any idea guys?

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