May 4, 2011

my Baby. Hentamsendiri. Oh, what a word.

yes. this is it. never crossed on my mind to start blogging. damn no.
but, I was thinking about this past few weeks before and, now, I`m into it.
hate to admit that i am poor writer. so, pictures will speaks my words.

and, I don't want to keep my clicks alone. Lets share it.
As this is my first post, so, i think this cracks are enough. i`ll continue later. bye.
do enjoy browsing the pictures below.
goat likes me well. credit to the cameraman.

it feels like heaven when thinking of food. to be a food lover is such an accreditation towards me. Love it!

and, I do love shopping.
me = Food + shopping = Food shopaholic. Is it a term by the way?
Kinda weird.

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